Megan Manion

Megan Manion has an M.Sc. in the Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice. She is one of the founding members of (Re)imagining Peace + Justice and currently serves as the site’s co-Editor-in-Chief.

Prior to SOAS, Megan worked as a paralegal in Seattle, where she volunteered with a local agency supporting incarcerated women and girls. She also worked as a policy advocate for a local non-profit supporting survivors of gender and sexual violence. Megan holds BAs in History and Politics from Willamette University, where her research focused on identity and agency for survivors of atrocity and conflict in Sierra Leone.

Her focus areas are conflict and post-conflict issues of justice, truth, and memory, particularly in central Africa, with respect to genocide, mass violence, and gender violence. Her research also explores the theory and praxis of transitional justice, international criminal law, and reconciliation.

Authored Work 

Competing with the ICC for Justice: The Central African Republic (April 2019)

The Mobile State of Exception in the Central African Republic: Keeping the Peace through Violence (March 2019)

Remembering Mass Violence (co-authored with Rachel Salcedo) (January 2019)