Eugénie Devevey

Co-Editor in Chief

Eugénie Devevey is currently enrolled in the MSc in the Politics of Conflict, Rights, and Justice at SOAS. She is originally from France and completed her BA in International Studies at Leiden University, the Hague, the Netherlands.

At Leiden University, she focused on the Russian and Eurasian region and wrote her bachelor thesis on the Compliance of Russia to the ECHR with a case study on the Human Rights situation in Chechnya.

Prior to SOAS, Eugénie had the chance to study at HSE in Moscow (Russia) and intern in two Human Rights NGOs, PINK Armenia and the Helsinki Association for Human Rights in Yerevan (Armenia).

Eugénie’s academic interest is focused on the frozen conflict of the Post-Soviet region especially the one in the Caucasus region.


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Authored work

Weekly Briefing – What’s behind Israel’s success story.
(March 2021)

Monthly theme – Everyday Islamophobia: Is France still a country of Human Rights? (December 2020)