Devin Windelspecht

Devin Windelspecht is a graduate of a MSc in Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice at SOAS University of London and the current co-Editor in Chief of (Re)imagining Peace + Justice. Originally from the United States, Devin holds a BA in International Affairs and Middle East Studies from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Devin’s experience includes work placements in conflict research in Northern Ireland and investigative journalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. He has studied abroad in Bosnia, Jordan, and Morocco, and previously contributed to several publications including The Solutions Journal and The Global Journal, a biannual International Affairs publication for which he served as Editor in Chief.

At SOAS, Devin is seeking to combine professional aspirations in journalism with an interest in conflict and human rights, specifically regarding memories of violence, post-conflict reconciliation, and international migration and refugee movements.

Authored Work

Cann Sinn Fein Move Beyond the IRA? The Future of Ireland’s Republican Party (February 2020)

A Second Spring? The Fragile Hope for Democratic Transition in Sudan and Algeria (May 2019)

Under the Wire Review: The Perils of Reporting on Conflict (March 2019)

Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention (February 2019)

Is There Still Hope for Reconciliation in Northern Ireland? (January 2019)